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Ultra-Flex Inc. Products

Ultra-Flex, Inc. provides our customers the convenience of purchasing certain products directly from us. We also carry products available for wholesale purchase. Products that are available for direct purchase and wholesale purchase are listed below.

Available Direct from Ultra-Flex
SGI Monitor Cables - LVDS extension cables for the SGI 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor are available for purchase directly from Ultra-Flex, Inc.
SGI Power Supplies - Power supplies for SGI 1600SW Flat Panel Monitors are available for purchase directly from Ultra-Flex. All items are currently in stock.

SGI GFX-1600 Adapter - Ultra-Flex no longer carries the GFX-1600 Adapter however, you can purchase this from Sharper Technology by phone. Email Sharper Technology by clicking here.

Available Wholesale from Ultra-Flex

Power Supplies - Click here to view our online catalog and shopping cart

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